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I went to the Wisconsin Warped Tour yesterday with some of my friends. I ran to the Of Mice & Men booth to see if they were doing a signing. So I bought the shirt which included the ticket to meet them. 4:00 took forever to come. So I went and saw some band during this time. Motionless In White went on, and it was 3:20, so I could catch a little bit of their set and then wait in line. I made some friends in the line so I wasn’t just standing there alone and awkward. My shirt was off so my Of Mice & Men tattoo was showing, so a good conversation starter really. When it was my turn to meet them all, I was fine. Talked to Phil about his tattoos. When I went up to Alan, he looked at my chest and got Tino to just stare at it, telling me how much it means to them. Talked to Aaron about how he’s a good replacement for Shay and his face lit up. I finally got up to Austin. He looks at me and says hi, and I started to tear up. My lip was quivering. He told me to come around to the other side and he just held me. I gave him my note and he promised he would read it. I told him I have one more thing to show him and it was my tattoo. I told him how my mom had passed when I was younger. He told me I had to go, but he wrote down “AC tent at 7:30” and he told me I need to go there. So 7:00 rolls around and me and my friend are in line. We get up to the front, and Austin tells me to tell my story to him. I’m telling him how my family abandon me after my moms death, how the only family I know is my best friends, how I’ve attempted suicide, how I feel worthless all the time. He looked at me with pain in his eyes, and hugged me. This hug was a good three minutes and he was whispering to me, “I know it fucking sucks, and nothing I can say will make your past better. But what I will say can make your future better. you’re a good person. There is no one I would want to see make it in life more than you right now” and I couldn’t stop crying on him. He wrote on the paper that said where to meet him “John 10:10, that’s the best thing I could ever tell you…ever <3”. He is the kindest, sweetest guy I’ve ever met.

The second picture is the aftermath of me crying on him.

i started to cry after reading this. this is beautiful.

Crying, this is so amazing.

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